The Village Hotel’s Restaurant

In most hotels, you have… the restaurant; designed to meet the hotels star ratings. Well, we don’t care too much for hotel stars, we feel trip advisor stars are more important. There are several ways you can have your breakfast lunch and dinner whilst staying at the Village Hotel.

  1. Every house has a fully working kitchen, so you can cook for yourself and make the most of our organic vegetable garden.
  2. We have several families in the village who can prepare Maramures food for our guests -no matter how big your appetite may be, you will be full! It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and for them to find out what life is like from where you’re from. Bring some pictures of where you live and you will not be stuck for dinner conversation.
  3. There is the horincă shed, where you can eat your lunch, protected from the midday sun or around a big fire spinning a lamb. The shed seats up to 15 people.
  4. There are a few local pensions that prepare food, we take you to meet them sometimes on our all inclusive tours, the food is excellent and the wine flows.
  5. There are a few good restaurants within half an hours drive of Breb. The fish restaurant in Mara and the traditional restaurant in Sighetu are our favorites.
  6. Then there is always our house, I am sure you will have dinner with us at least once whilst staying in Breb.