Future plans

Somewhere Different – Siwa Oasis has been up and running now for four years. We plan to add to our offering in Siwa with a few more apartments for smaller groups over the next few years and expand our olive business but do not want to get too big and loose the whole ‘family run’ feel of what we do for our guest. We are currently going through the process of licensing the Siwa Villa as a hotel. Mud walls and fire place on the roof don’t comply with Egyptian Hotel regulations, but we’re getting there.

In 2009 we bought an acre of land on the Mediterranean 30kms east of Marsa Matruh. We will build a beach house here over the next few years allowing guests to stay there in the summer months before traveling down to Siwa. The new flights from gatwick and Manchester direct to Marsa Matruh makes it now much easer to get to Siwa in the summer months and so we see this a growing area of our offering starting with our 100% desert and dunes tour for the summer.


View from the land in Transylvania

We enjoy running our successful business where we have happy customers who will return year after year. We are now into our sixth year of Somewhere Different and everything, apart from Sri Lanka, is going according to plan. Humdulala as they say in Egypt. We are now in the process of selling our land in Arugam Bay Sri Lanka as we will never have the time to run a Somewhere Different destination there as well as Egypt and Transylvania.

Somewhere Different – Transylvania We are now building our destination in Maramures, Romania in the summers which should be up and running by 2011. we have several plots of land in our village of Breb and plan to slowly restore old Maramures houses on the land and provide the same kind of adventure villa holidays there as we do in Siwa. We are living Siwa from October to May and the rest of the time in Romania and plan to stay this way for at least the next five years of so whilst the children are still living at home.

As each year goes by we are learning more about where we live, meeting new people and finding new hot springs and forests to explore. We love what we do and we enjoy sharing our little worlds with you. The entire project has been funded by ourselves and with the help of penny’s family. We do not have any investors involved telling us to “push the dividends” or “float Somewhere Different on AIM”. It is a family run business where the focus is to have fun and to give us a purpose to our travels; and to help pay for it all. Nothing else.

We’re not sure if we live to work… or work to live anymore as we enjoy what we do so much and where we live it doesn’t seem like a job, even though we often work seven days a week and very long hours.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our little team, have a look at the jobs section here