About Us – Somewhere Different

I went on a package holiday… once. Never again. An 18-30s holiday in the ’80s.

The hotel we were staying in was miles from anywhere, meaning suffocating coach trips every day to destinations that seemed based around over-priced ice-cream. I remember being herded around and saying I would have preferred to have been at work. There are travellers, and there are tourists. I’m a traveller and I know there are many people like Penny and me who are in their day jobs and can’t just take off.


You’d love to go abroad again and get that travelling buzz, but holiday allowance is restrictive and you’re getting pushed for time. You really don’t want to go to Malaga, but the thought of turning up in the middle of nowhere with your old copy of Lonely Planet and everyone looking at you in horror really doesn’t appeal. You’ve thought of booking an adventure holiday with one of the reputable tour companies that cover the world, but the thought of shuffling around a different site every day as part of a big group… also doesn’t appeal.

We were backpackers for years. When we fell into our careers we always struggled to find somewhere different to escape for a fortnight, whether it was with friends or as a family. We always wanted to book holidays somewhere that would give us the cultural experiences and thrill of adventure that we became used to when backpacking around the world. But we could never find it.

One night around 9 years ago we came up with an idea.

On August 1st 2004 we left our day jobs and began an adventure with our three young children in search of somewhere different.

We spent 5 months looking and chose three destinations. We were caught in the Tsunami in Sri Lanka but decided not to give up on our quest, and are determined to make our little travel company work. We want to share what we have created with you, so that you can experience that buzz of travelling again, without the hassle.

It has taken a lot of effort and hard work over the last nine years, but we’ve enjoyed it and we’re not in that day job anymore.

All you have to do is book the holiday and come to Somewhere Different.

See you soon!