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Somewhere Different – The books

Somewhere Different – A Family Adventure Through the Balkans, Egypt and Sri Lanka

It was the 10th anniversary of the Tsunami in 2014 and so I set myself a deadline to have it done by then – and I did. You can buy it here on Amazon  The story starts in 2004 when we leave the UK to go and live in Sri Lanka. We travel for 5 months in a camper van across the Balkans , arriving at our new home in Sri Lanka; one day before the Tsunami.

Somewhere Different – Living the Dream

The second book picks up the story in Egypt and covers several years of us setting up our little travel company ( called Somewheredifferent.com) and tells of what life is like “Living the Dream” with three young children. I have written it, just need to get it edited and printed

The Somewhere Different – The House of Spivak

This book will be written, if I ever get around it telling the story of Penny going through the revolution in Egypt whilst I was working as a Paparazzi in Bucharest to us setting up the Village Hotel in Breb. The book will cover a more in-depth look at how life is in the sleepy village of Breb way up in the mountains of Transylvania. It will also tell the stories of the comings and going in the house know as ‘Spivak’, our home, hence the name.

Somewhere Different - The Journey