Breb Locals

The people if Breb are descendants of the Dacian tribes who settled in the area around 1,000 BC. The people of Breb are seeing the biggest change in the village probably in its entire history. In 1241 the Tartar invasion killed about half of the local population , so apart from that, it is going through a major cultural change that it has not seen before.

Anyone over 35 was a young man at the time of the revolution. He dreamed of having two horses, a pig, two cows and a big wooden house in the village. If he married well within the village or to a girl from the next village he had done well and was happy with his lot. Anyone older than 35 thinks this way and still does. They don’t see why any one would want a BMW, they drink money not water and well, they’ll never get up the mountain, let alone the dirt track roads in the village. The average 18 year old thinks differently. He dreams of going to collage in Cluj, he is the only child and as his parents toil the fields to save enough money to pay for his education, he doesn’t have to work the land like they did because he is at school. When he is home on his holidays he works hard in the fields and dreams of the Beamer, and that great job in Europe he’s going to get, and the European girlfriend like in the movies. He wants everything and he wants it all now.

Some of the families we know have children that are still growing up the old ways and are happy with their lot. We have workers who bring their boys to work with them – helping with the hay and building houses.

You will see few men and women under the age of 30 in the village. All the middle class girls go off to collage and got married. The boys, they went off to Italy, Germany and Spain and some come home in the summer in, you guessed it, the beamer.

The rest of the village is young children and their mothers and the men who weren’t interested in working abroad and are happy with their way of life. This happens to be the majority and so the place is brimming with life, the old way of life, and that’s why you come here, that’s why we chose here. Apart from relaxing and the great countryside walks and views down the valley, its the people that will make your holiday to Transylvania memorable. They are a very friendly bunch and are happy to wile an hour away explaining how the cow milking is done and where the pig lives. You will always be invited for a drink of Holinca!

It is not culturally acceptable here for women to go out after dark, or to go to bars in the evening unless you are with male friends. Respect the locals and their way of life, and keep yourself safe!