The Village Hotel, as it suggests, is in a sleepy village away from it all, but there is still plenty to entertain you. Have a look at top 5 activities for our must-see recommendations. The villas themselves have cards, chess, and there is a worn out game of monopoly somewhere. If you have an ipod, we have an ipod station in every villa.  We have not put any TVs in, much to the disappointment  the Ministry of Tourism office for Maramures, meaning we cannot get a 3 star rating for the Village Hotel. Our villas offer the chance to escape into a simple way of life, full of natural beauty.

  • Trek up the mountains to visit the shepherds and their dogs, or beyond to a peak which looks out over the village.
  • Enjoy your open fireplace and living area, and take advantage of our large collection of books.
  • Pick wild raspberries from the thickets at Lacsoare, our latest project in the lower fields of the mountains
  • Rivers: Breb is named for the beavers that used to build dams in the river, so if you have kids with you and they want to make a dam, then Breb is the place.
  • Pubs: there are several shop/bars in the village that sell alcohol, most of them have glasses. It’s pretty raw but a great way to meet the locals.
  • There are several restaurants within half an hour of Breb and some lively local bars we can take you to if you want a ‘big’ night out in the country side.
  • We have built what we call the Horinca shed – an all-weather outdoor room where you can have a fire and drink the local moonshine with the locals all year round, or hide from the sun at lunchtime in the summer.
  • The fire pit: pull up a log and tell everyone your campfire story.