Walkings in Breb

Breb is a great place for walking. There is so much to see within minutes of the Village Hotel. The village has a network of paths that link all the houses together away from the ‘busy’ roads where the horse and tractor travel.

You never know where you will end up, or who you will meet

The people of Breb and friendly and Maramures people in general have a reputation of being hospitable and welcoming. Walking around the village you will met locals going about their daily lives and you will see first hand how life here is – and how different it is to the city you live in.


 Meeting the locals

Walk around the village or in the summer up into the fields above the village see the locals going about their work. Join in, say hi and see where the day takes you.

We are planing to making 5 different walks for you to choose from so you can use your mobile phone as a GPS and show you the way. But for now its a case of go off and see where it takes you. Or ask one of the team to show you around.

Visit local craftsmen

Petru Pop is a local ‘sculpture’  and loves nothing more than showing you his collection of solder Hemet’s and carvings. We can point you in the right direction.

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