Maramures in April

Maramures in April

[easingsliderpro id=”10″] We have had quite a few people come and visit us in the last few weeks and some great weather. Some snaps here of them having fun around Maramures.

Traditional Wedding in Maramures

My neighbor got married at the weekend. It’s great to see that some things have not changed in Breb; it’s a matter of time and it will all be different, but for now – life, and weddings, go on like they always did. Except for Johns shoes…. and...

The Romaniain Invasion of 2014

A week is a long time in politics they say. It can be a life time in the world of newspapers. A about a week ago I was leaving Bucharest for good and my phone rings “ Hi, from the Mail on Sunday, can you cover the story about the Romanian invasion in 2014 for us?”...