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Penny Ridgley

Penny is the woman who said yes to marrying me 23 years ago because she liked my crazy ideas.

We’re lucky as we are both totally in to what we are doing with Somewhere Different.

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Penny trained as an equestrian and ran her parents estate in Hampshire for many years before the kids came along. After 10 years of being at their beck and call Penny went to college to train to be a tiler. We knew this would be one of the skills sets hardest to fined in our Somewhere Different locations. Penny also found out that being a woman tiler… you are booked every day in the UK for months in advance! Once the main restoration has been completed by Duncan, Penny takes over and focuses on the detail. Penny runs all our houses along with Ludmila and trains the staff on our standards on cleanliness etc.

Penny has been hands on with the building of the Siwa Villain Siwa.

Penny now enjoys helping our guests with what ever their needs are and showing them around our little oasis. Who ever they may be;)

If you would like to contact Penny directly, her email is penny @ her surname ( we get too much spam to put the address here but I am sure you can work it out)

“Ah the Ridgley family I assume?”