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Car, bus and train. It's all possible

Train from Budapest to Sighetu Marmatiei – Maramures

There was a train schedules to run from Budapest to Sighetu in Maramures, Romania.

The train leaves from Budapest Keleti at  09.40  and arrives in Sighet at 23.1o.

On the way back, the train leaves from Sighet at 09.10 and arrives in Budapest at 21.20.

But for now it is not running. As and when it is running again, we will add the information here.

If you have booked with The village hotel,   let us know and we can possible pick you up from  Sighet station, or drop you at the station.

The price for the tickets vary from 172 Romanian lei (39 euro) to 256  Romanian lei  (57 euro), depending on your options. If  you book the ticket 7 days  in advance  you can get it cheaper (just 20 euro for a second class ticket ).

If you want to get the bus from Budapest to Sighet, go to the bus section.