Directions - Getting to Breb

By car, train and bus, its all possible

The village hotel, Breb, Maramures is just an hour away from Baia Mare via Cavnic where the ski resort is.  You can take  the bus from Baia Mare bus station and the ticket costs 10 lei. The  name of the route  is Baia Mare – Borsa (it is displayed inside the front windshield). Let the driver know that you want to get off in Breb.

From where the bus stops, it is 10 or 15 minutes walk to the village itself. It’s a good excuse to admire the beautiful views. Or just let us know when you’ll be there and we”ll pick you up.

Between Monday and Friday, the bus leaves Baia Mare at 07.00, 11.30, 14.00, 15.00 and 17.00.

More details or contact information, you can find in here.

During the weekend, there is a bus at 07.oo in the morning and another one at 17.00 in the evening.