Directions - Getting to Breb

By car, train and bus, its all possible

There are daily buses on the route Cluj – Baia Mare. The bus ride it’ s approximate 3 hours long and it costs 30 lei.  You can get on the bus from Cluj – Napoca,  Beta bus station, IRA station or airport station (for the last two stations would be good to have a reservation or just take a chance and flag it down when you see the bus –  the destination will be displayed inside the front windshield ).

Once you’re in Baia Mare will take  one more hour to get to The village hotel in Breb, Maramures.  Have a look here  for Baia Mare – Breb time schedules.

Another good option to get from Cluj to The village hotel, Breb  is through Sighetu Marmatiei. You have the details here.

From the bus station, the bus (it’s written FANY on it) leaves at 06.00 , 09.30 , 10.30 , 11.45, 13.00 , 14.30, 17.00 ,18.15 and 20.30.  It takes at least 15 minutes until this bus gets to the other stations.

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