Getting to the Village Hotel by car

Going on where our guests have come from over the last few years, your probably arriving in Cluj Napoca Airport and picking up a hir car. It’s easy and once on the road its a nice drive through Transylvania to the Village Hotel.

I have also included some other directions, but if your coming from any where other than Cluj, maybe contact me with any questions you have.

Coming from Cluj Napoca Airport

Use the map below to see where you need to go by clicking on each icon, starting from Cluj airport. Below the map are simple written directions. As from the summer fo 2015, you can now follow the advice of google maps or your GPS where it tells you to turn right at Căşeiu after Dej. It it is now a good new paved road all the way to Targu Lapus that winds through some great countryside and remote village for 15kms before arriving in Targu Lapus. If your not in a hurry and you have a good car it is actually a really nice route, quicker than going to Baia Mare and no trucks. Only take this route in the summer when it’s dry and you have plenty of light to get to the Village Hotel – the roads are not cleared in the winter passed Lapus over the pass to Cavnic.

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Directions from Cluj Airport to the Village Hotel

Cluj Napoca airport is in fact outside of Cluj in the right direction for Breb, so no need to deal with city traffic.

  1. Pick up your car at Cluj Napoca airport, on leaving the airport barriers onto the main road, turn left. Remember to drive on the right. It’s a busy road so you should be reminded by other cars 🙂
  2. Keep going following signs for Dej
  3. After Dej take a right signposted for Targu Lapus at Gâlgău on the 109f.
  4. Go through Targu Lapus staying on the 109f, keeping to the right, then over the bridge and turn left.
  5. Follow the road through several villages until you see a turning on your left for Cavnic at Strâmbu-Băiuț


  6. Follow the road up over the mountain (do not attempt in the winter it is not cleared of snow) until you come down into Cavnic.
  7. Take a right turn up the hill towards the ski resort, keep going until you hit Budesti.
  8. Take the left fork to Sighetu and Ocna Sugatag.
  9. A few kilometers down the road you will see a very small hand made sign saying “The Village Hotel”. It’s a left hand turn down the hill into Breb.
  10. When you get to the bus stop, turn left
  11. Follow the signs to the village hotel and we will see you there.

Driving from the UK to the Village Hotel

Driving to Breb from the UK takes around three days, so it might be easier for you to catch a flight to Cluj Napoca and pick up a hire car there. If you’re touring, there is a good motor way most of the length of Hungary and then follow signs to Sata Mare, then Baia Mare, Cavnic and into Breb.

Below the map here, type in where your coming from and it will give you directions and estimated driving times.

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Coming from Europe

If you’re using a European GPS in the car, Romania is normally not on the map. If you’re coming from Europe, you can cross at Sata Mare, the border is easy, no queues and a couple of hours’ drive from the Village Hotel. Once in Romania do the following:

  1. Head to Baia Mare, then Baia Sprie ( signs for Sighetu Maramti)
  2. When you arrive in Baia Sprie turn right after Lidl Supermarket up the hill for Cavnic. Keep climbing and go past the ski resort until you hit Budesti.
  3. Take the right fork to Sighetu and Ocna Sugatag.
  4. A few kilometers down the road you will see a very small handmade sign for Breb and the Village Hotel. It’s a left turn down the hill.

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Coming from the Ukraine

The border with the Ukraine and Romania is straightforward. Make sure you travel outside of rush hour times, especially weekends as goods are cheaper in the Ukraine and people frequently cross the border on day trips. Let the guards know you’re a ‘tourist’ and not smuggling circulates, they may let you jump the queue.

  1. Once you have cleared customs, drive into Sighetu , drive down the main street and head for Baia Mare.
  2. Keep on the Baia Mare road for 20kms or so until you reach a village called Feresti.
  3. Take a left turning sign posted for Ocna Sugartag.
  4. Head up the hill and drive straight through Ocna until us see the Guitin mountain on your right.
  5. Look out for Breb’s church below on the right and then you will see the right hand turning for the village. There is normally a small sign saying Breb.

Once in Breb

Follow the road down into the village, when you get to the T juntion ( the left T is a dirt track) next to the bus stop, turn left. 50 meters along you will have a house on front of you with the road continuing on to the left and a smaller track going up to the right. Take the right track and keep going till you see our place on the right. Drive down the slope and you will arrive at Casa Mica and Casa Veche. A small wooden bridge will take you over the river to Reception.