Flights to Maramures

Cluj Napoca, Bucharest and Budapest

Wizz Air flights Luton to Cluj Napoca

Wizz Air flights, Luton to Cluj Napoca. This is by far the best way to get to our little village tucked away in the Maramures Mountains. The flights from Luton are now daily due to the success of the route.

Luton to Cluj Napoca is always an 0.805 am departure from Luton flight number W6 771 and lands in Cluj Napoca airport at 12.55 pm. It is sometimes half an hour late on arriving. This gets in you into Cluj with plenty of time to catch the train to Baia Mare or direct to Sighetu. If you are travelling on one of our Transylvania tours, you will be met at the airport and taken off to your first destination.

The flight from Cluj Napoca to Luton is every day and leaves 06.00am getting into London Luton airport at 07:05. The flight number is always W6772. All the planes are new, with movies, so remember to have your standard headphone headsets available to use so you don’t have to buy some. You can buy drinks and order meals on the flight. We have traveled this way with Wizzair many times now and had no hold ups or any problems of any kind. Cost for flights out of the peak summer holidays are as low as £15 each way. If you are visiting us in the summer, make sure you book well in advance, book your flights at the same time as booking your villa in Breb as the price gets higher the closer you get to your departure date.

Here is a direct link to the Cluj Napoca flights timetable on wizzair .To book a flight from Luton to Cluj Napoca with Wizzair