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We have learned that some people like to visit the Village Hotel with all things included and organized well in advance. This means you don’t have to worry about anything when your on one of our tours or what the best things to see or experience, it’s all taken care of. Having lived in Maramures now for seven years we know our way around. We have discovered little gems of life, tucked away that no one else knows about. I have put all my knowledge of the region into five different tours that I think bring out the best of the region. Our Transylvania Tours are tried and testing and run 90% as planned. For example on our Dancing with the Gypsies tour, you never quite know who will be around in some of the villages we visit to learn how to dance. This is the wild part of Romania after all and why you are interested in visiting the region.

You will not meet people in the tourist businesses dressed up to look like locals in traditional costume. You will spend your time with locals working the land, with real Gypsies and old people from the villages that live the same way as there ancestors did many years before.

They work to a different mentality which is all part of the experience. Our Transylvania Tours include all costs apart from: your flights, any tipping you may choose to give (not recommended) and any bar bills you manage to tot up around the country. All alcohol consumed whilst in Breb is included in the cost. You do not have to pay or worry about anything for your entire stay. You are met at the airport and we make sure everything goes as planned until you catch your flight back home. Make a booking enquiry

10 days tours

100% Maramures  – Maramures

100% means you spend all your time in the depths of Maramures, we take your right into the homes of locals that have not changed their ways much in over 100 years. Experience a life gone by in the rest of Europe at an easy pace from the comfort of your own villa in the sleepy village of Breb.

Maramures Walking Tour – Villages around Maramures

Are you a walker? More interested in walking through villages and a way of life that is completely different to your own than mountain tops and forests? if so this tour is for you. We walk every day in a different village in Maramures taking it all in and stopping to talk to who ever we meet.

Dracula – Transylvania Tour – Cluj Napoca – Hotel Castle Dracula – Maramures

You have heard of Transylvania since your where a kid. But what’s it really like? Come and sleep in Daculas castle as read the book before coming to stay in the heart of Transylvania life, just like the moves :)

Romaniain Ski Holiday  – Cluj Napoca – – Breb – Cavnic

If you have a group of people who want to learn to ski, Cavnic ski resort is perfect for this. We have great instructors that speak English and empty slopes during the day. Combine skiing with staying at the Village Hotel 25 minutes from the slopes.

Sheppards Safari – Mountains of Maramures

Like in Siwa, here in Transylvania, we know the best local guides, the ones who really know their way around the mountains, and of course, we know the shepherds.

Dancing with the Gypsies   – Tagu Mures – Maramures – Transylvania

If you want a bit of an adventure and are interested in learning to dance like a gypsy, then this tour is for you.

Reportage Photography tour – Cluj Napoca – Maramures – Transylvania

I was a professional portrait photographer for 15 odd years working for newspapers and magazines in London. I know my way around and I will get you into the homes and lives of the villages of Maramures and Transylvania in a way that no other guide know how 🙂

Ukrain & Transylvania  – Kiev – Maramures – Cluj Napoca

As much desert and spectacular sand dunes as you can cope with, mixed in with the Berber culture in somewhere truly different.