Dracula – Bran Tour

Dracula – Bran Tour – 10 Days

Day 1 Bucharest

Day 1: If your coming from the UK you will probably want to arrive on a Friday afternoon. If you coming from another part of the world, check the Bucharest Airport to help you plan your trip and to see when you will arrive. You will be met at the airport by our guide in Bucharest and taken to your apartment.

You are shown where the center of town in and the old city area known as Lipscani that is living up to Bucharest reputation of ” The little Paris of the East”. There are over 100 bars and restaurants in the area and you are left to enjoy your evening and do your own thing.

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The atmosphere here is great. Being a foreigners you are still a novelty and the price of a beer being just over £1 is also a novelty. The women walking by make you think your at a fashion show, especially when the sun is out.

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Day 2 Cluj Napoca – Breb

Day 2 to 8 Day off days We have not included any trips out on this tour. We leave it up to you. You have full use of our jeep that can take you anywhere you want locally and you can do all the things shown in the Dracula tour, there just not included in the price – so you can look at our locals tours book with all the prices when you arrive and choose to do as many or as little as you want or you can sit and chill and read your book all day. There are three meals a day included and alcohol from our limited drinks cabinet is available at any time. We now make our own Apple brandy and so you will be able to try the different mixes Penny is slowly making. There are no meals out of Breb included and there are no entrance fees included. You can still eat out and visit where you want and we will take your there, you’ll just need to pay for your costs when your there. The idea for this tour it to let you relax and experience the local ways of life in Breb. You don’t need to go anywhere as you are right in the best place to be. The village is safe for children to roam around in as there are just a few tarmac roads and every one knows every one so people will keep an eye out for them.

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You can go for walks in the village, up the mountain, over to the next village and get up early to experience market day on Thursday. On Sunday you can go to church and see every one in the traditional dress. It’s all here, or you can just take it easy and sleep all day under a tree in our orchard. We have two cabanas up from the village in the forest. If no one is staying in them you can camp out there and we can arrange for you to have sleeping bags and a whole dinner prepared for you to cook on the open fire. The things to do are endless, we enjoy or village and we will enjoy showing you around.


Day 9 Back to Cluj You need to be out of your villa by 10.00am so the cleaners can do their thing. After lunch we head off to Cluj where you will stay in our partner hostel for the evening. You can party all night in Cluj if you want as it’s very easily done and catch the plane in the morning or get a good nights sleep as the taxi will arrive at 6.00am to take you to Cluj airport for your 8.00am flight back to Luton. If your coming from another part of the world we can tailor this tour to suit your flight times.

The price for this tour is £485 per person. This includes hostel accommodation in the Retro in Cluj not a hotel as shown in the Dracula tour. The accommodation is clean and the staff very friendly. As you will be getting up early you will spend very little time in the hostel. As long as you book in advance we can book you a private room for just your group so you don’t have to share. All your meals in Breb are included as well as any alcohol you consume in Breb. Unfortunately we cannot give discounts to children if they need their own bed and will eat a meal at the dinner table. For very young children there is a 50% discount as long as the group size is 4 or more people. To make a booking enquiry for this tour please go to the Transylvania Tour booking form.