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Cluj Napoca, Bucharest and Budapest

Flights to Bucharest

Bucharest has two airports. They are close together so if you go to the wrong one and are on time, you still have time to get to the other one. I’ve been there, done that. I’ve also turned up to Stanstead when I should have been in Gatwick… but that’s another story in the book.

If your coming from the UK, you will fly on the following airlines. Flights to Bucharest with WizzairFlights to Bucharest with Blue Air and Flights to Bucharest with British Airways, but seeing as BA is three times the price for a three hour flight… we assume you’ll fly with wizzair or Blue Air.

Blue Air flights on a Friday are from Luton Airport. You fly at 10.00am and land in Baneasa Airport 3 hours and ten minutes later at 15.10 due to Romania being 2 hours ahead. If your flying with Wizzair it again Luton and leaves an hour later. Similar costs. Book well in advance and they are next to nothing, £30 including taxes. Leave it to the week before and it can be £150+ for the same flight.

There is the Henri Coanda Int Airport and Baneasa Airport. They are both around half an hour out of of Bucharest, an hour in traffic. the re any flights that come into both. When ever I flight out of either on, I always get there way to early as it takes not time in the traffic in the mornings and when you get there, you jump out of the cab, are at the check desk within a minute, seriously it’s just inside the first door. Your checked in within 10 min’s and… you have an hour and a half to kill. There’s a nice grassy bit in the front you can sit on that is nice and off you go. They are both great airports, easy to get around as they are both small but they have all the kit needed to keep the flights moving through the winter. The president fly’s out of here and well this is Romania and so for sure, the runway will be clear of snow.

If your coming on from the rest of the word, you need to check your local airport and see what the best connection is to get to Bucharest. I don’t want to list every scenario here but I have put a link to a page that shows you all the airports that fly to Baneasa Airport.