Trains Bucharest – Brasov – Sighetu Marmației


Trains Bucharest – Brasov – Sighetu Marmației

The train from Bucharest to Sighetu Marmației is easy and a bit of an adventure all on it’s own. It leaves Gara De Nord Mail line Station in Bucharest at 17.55 and arrives in Sighetu Marmației around 07.20 in the next day. You get a very comfortable bed and your rocked to sleep after a move or two on your lap top as there are plenty of electric points that work through out your journey.


I will be adding some video of the train jounreny hear  as I have been commuting from Bucharest to Bred for the last two years and enjoy having those few free hours before it is time to sleep to meet fellow travlers or Romaniains who can’t believe I am from London and choose to live in Romania.

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