Cluj Napoca


Cluj Napoca

Cluj Napoca is the gateway to Transylvania. Most of our guests fly into Cluj Airport , see information on flights to Cluj Napoca and in particular Wizzair flights from Luton. If you want to stay in Cluj when you arrive, or normally the night before you leave due to the early flight have a look at the hotels in Cluj Napoca we recommend and work with as well as Car hire at Cluj Napoca Airport . We have also put together information on catching a bus from Cluj Napoca and getting the train to Baia Mare from Cluj.

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Cluj Napoca is a great place if you want to party. We know some great bars – our favorite is the Booha Bar in the student quarter as well as the Broadway Bar. The price of a 500ml beer in a bar is between 60p and £1. Cluj is the second largest city and has the largest student population in Romania. If you’re here during term-time, you will agree with theory as the 80,000 students that live in the town are everywhere, and contrary to what they tell their parents inBreb they love to party. The centre is organised along two main boulevards that run right through the town, so it’s easy to find your way around, especially as all the hotels we work with are located in the centre.

For some history and more detail have a look at Cluj Napoca on Wikipedia. For general information on Cluj and what there is to see and do, a good site is Cluj Napoca section. Cluj Napoca has a great Opera house and well worth a visit to return you gently to the real world after your stay with us surrounded by mountains in Breb. All you need to do is hit your translate button and you will be able to see what is on and ticket costs, or we can arrange it all for you.