Bram Stoker


Bran Stoker

Bram Stoker is the author of Dracula. The interest in Bram in the whole Dracula tale, is what he actually knew about Vlad Tepes. If you read the history of this detective tale, you will find that Bram Stoker knew nothing of Vlad Tepes and the affect Vlad had on Romanian history other than his name. Bram knew that Dracula was a Romanian name that meant devil and only changed the title of his book just before publication to Dracula.

It’s important to understand the Dracula in the book, has nothing to do with the real life Romanian Dracula who’s real name is Vlad Tepes. This topic of conversation comes up when ever you mention Dracula to a Romanian. They will tell you he was not a vampire but a Romanian hero who saw off the Turks and impaled them. As long as you can explain that you understand there are two Dracula’s the one in the book and the real one they will be a bit more sympathetic to your need to understand about vampires and werewolves. For more in formation, see the wiki for Bram Stoker