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Hotel Castle Dracula

Hotel Castle Dracula is in the exact location of Count Dracula’s castle in the book Dracula. When you arrive at the castle, if you have recently read the book you will see it is at the top of the Borgo pass, just where it should be. Hotel Castle Dracula was started in 1976 and finished in 1983. It has around 90 beds and several well kept family rooms that will sleep up to four people. We have all the numbers and contact details for the hotel so when you come on our Dracula tour we will make all your sleeping arrangements for you.

hotel castle dracula

When you arrive at Hotel Castle Dracula you check in and are invited to meet the Count. We are sworn to secrecy as to what happens when the Count greats you and were not allowed to take any pictures, but according to the Lonely Planets a Canadian was so scared when they had a presence with the count, they had a heart attack and died on the spot! The last group we took to Hotel Castle Dracula has 6 children in the group and you could hear the screams threw out the hotel for a good half hour after the first meeting with the Count.

hotel castle draculaThe hotel is new, so doesn’t provide the full Dracula feeling you would expect. This is why we normally arrive at night so it’s more in keeping with what you would expect. You meet the count and after having a shower and descending to the dinning room on the blood red carpets throughout the hotel, any feeling of ‘this is not Dracula castle’ are long gone. If your with children it’s a great experience, but be prepared to have a few of them in your bed, the little ones do get scared.

hotel castle draculaThere is a choice of rooms. There are the blood red, yes I am definitely staying in Dracula’s Castle rooms, all with en suite and TV’s not that you will be watching any TV there is far too much to explore. The rooms are tidy and well looked after. Perfect for you firsts night sleep in Transylvania if you are visiting Hotel Castle Dracula on our Dracula Tour of Transylvania

hotel castle dracula bed roomsThe non blood red rooms still have a very Count Dracula feel about them.

hotel castle dracula bathroomIn some of the family apartments that have two bedrooms in them, they have nice big bathrooms and great views down the Borgo Pass. You can try creeping out of the window and down the walls as Dracula does in the book to go off and find his victims, but it is not recommended.

hotel castle draculaThe blood red stair case. Children ask ” Why are the stairs all red, like blood?” and the answer is simple “We’re in Dracula’s Castle, that’s why.”

hotel castle draculaOn leaving Hotel Castle Dracula, you are asked to have your passports ready and given a stamp showing you have stayed in Count Dracula Castle, just in case your friends don’t believe you when you get home. I had a stamp put in my passport, purely for the picture… honest. I’ll show it to you if you want when you come and stay though:)

Hotel Castle Dracula’s official web site have very little information on it but worth a look just for the scary werewolf that appears on the home page. If you would like to visit Hotel Castle Dracula we can make all the arrangements for you before you arrive but only of you are coming to visit us in Breb. We are not a travel agent. If you would like to come and stay at Hotel castle Dracula, we suggest you do it as part of our Dracula Tour of Transylvania.

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