Dracula Castle


Dracula Castle

If your are coming to Transylvania on a tour or just staying in one of our villas in the village of Breb, you need to understand your Count Dracula’s from your Vlad Tepes and where the real Dracula castle is located. This section should give you the facts you need to know, but the best thing to do is buy a copy of Dracula the bookand read it when you stay in Transylvania.

The three Dracula castles in Romania.

The real location of where the castle in Bram Stokers book Dracula is at the top of the Borgo Pass. Jonathan Harker stays in Bistrita at the beginning of the book and makes his way up the Borgo Pass. 29 kilometers east of Bistrita the Borgo pass starts to climb, this is were Jonathan describes the wilds of Transylvania and the people in the the book Dracula. At Piatra Fantanele Jonathan leaves the normal carriage ignoring the stern advice of the locals not to, he meets Count Dracula’s horses and carriage and the rest as the say, is Gothic history. Hotel Castle Dracula is located in the same location as Dracula’s castle in the book, you see the same views, smell the same air and see the same peasants making hay as described in the book. This is the castle you see on our Dracula tour of Transylvania and from a Gothic point of view, the real castle. The fact that the castle ( hotel) here is only 30 odd years old doesn’t make it the perfect Dracula castle location, but it’s as close as you get to be able to say you have slept as a guest of Count Dracula when you go back to school or a beer after work.

Bran castle is the castle used in the first Dracula film and the castle in the picture above. It’s in the south of Romania. When you enter the castle there is no mention of Dracula anywhere within the castle( apparently this has changed and there is a room with some information on Dracula), that’s because it has absolutely nothing to do with Dracula, either on of them. The vampire never came here and Vlad tepes the real dracula never came here either/ Ok he maybe slept here on night… big deal. It looks the part though, but that’s all.
Poenari Castle at Arefu a 100 miles or so northwest of Bucharest. Within the ruins of this complex is a structure called “Chindia tower,” built by Vlad Tepes Legend has it that when the Turks attacked and took over the Poenari Castle in 1462, it was the villagers of Arefu who helped Vlad escape. The castle has nothing to do with Count Dracula and if you read the pages on Vlad Tepes you will see Vlad has nothing to do with the Dracula in the book. It’s all a big coincidence. But Romanians who know that Vlads other name is Dracula, like to tell you this is the real castle. It is… if you don’t believe in vampires.If exploring Transylvania and understanding more about vampires and Dracula sounds like more fun than going to France…again, click on the green button.

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