Drahobrat Ski Resort – Ukraine


Drahobrat Ski Resort

Drahobrat Ski Resort is in the Ukraine. So why mention it if your looking for a Ski holiday to Romania? We are right on the border of the Ukraine. We know the local adrenalin junkies who travel the world looking for the best mountains, the best slopes and the best snow.

They went to Cavnic… when they were kids and they say Drahobrat has had millions of euros pumped into it by some Russian Mafioso type. they say it’s amazing, they go there at the weekends if their not going to the Alps. I have not been, yet, so can’t say first hand what it is like.

Have a look at some pictures here to the Drahobrat Ski Resort for more information on it. If you would like to combine a stay in Breb with going to Drahobrat for a few days, I don’t think my friends in Sighetu need their arms twisting too much to come along with us and show us the way. I don’t ski, but I’m sure up for an adventure. So get in contact  and let’s start planning our trip!

drahobrat ski resortSorry, it’s all in Russian, but they speak English when you arrive