Hi guys
The first three days we booted through France Germany Slovenia and Austria sleeping in gas stations and on the side of the road which was not funny when we had lorry drivers tooting there horn at 3 in the morning. We then chilled in Croatia for a week snorkeling and hanging out with local kids and when they asked us something we just looked at them and shook our heads as if we knew what they were saying. We then drove to Bosnia I had to go to the dentist and have a tooth pulled out by a Bosnian dentist (Maddy know I know how it feels to have a tooth pulled out). We tried to learn the language but no one could make out what we were saying. So we just laughed.
We then went to the island of Vis were y Dad bought two acres of land. We parked up to go our new land and we were told to go away because the corneal of the army base (right by are land) said that NATO and the Americans came and fired at tanks and practiced with bazookas. We went to the estate agent of the island (Tonko) he said that was a load of s… rubbish and if that happened again we should call the police. The flipping bluffers.
Then off to Hvar we went we parked up in a campsite and mum and I did the washing while the others made the beds. We came back and there was silence then there was a big crack and a “ow my hand”!! Dad had been asleep on my bed and it had snapped. We just stood there we didn’t know what to do so we laughed and when Dad woke and had finally realized what he had done he didn’t know what to do so he laughed to.
We drove to Albania and we were told that it was beautiful and really safe, YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The roads are sloppy and have massive holes in them. We went to a beach which was highly recommended by the Albanian travel book. It was covered in rubbish and the sea was thick with black oil and people were swimming in and sun bathing. We saw loads of people with guns not coppers but people off the street. Spooky!!
Were now in Macedonia and last night we were parked up in the safest place in town. Outside a copper station. Wicked!! Moving onto Greece soon and then to Romania which is I’m having my birthday. (Eowyn could you tell Sophie E Happy Birthday!) If you’ve just started school I hope its cool and you have made new friends.
From Sasha