February weather - Romania

Coming to Romania in February?

Weather in Romania in February

The weather in February in Romania is great for skiing in the ski resort of Cavnic 20 minutes from the village where our villas are. Breb is a short drive from the slopes and the road is always cleared all winter.

If you come on a ski holiday in February in Romania you have lots of snow as the mountains here get the cold winds and snow that come down from the Ukraine. You can check the live snow levels and weather in the ski resort here The local apple brandy will keep you warm on the slopes when your skiing under the flood light ski runs of Cavnic Ski resort.

If you come and visit us on our Ski Holiday to Romania Tour you will visit other parts of Romania as well as Maramures. Below are the temperatures for Maramures, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca

Live weather and temperatures for Maramures


Weather in Maramures in January

Weather in Maramures is colder than other parts of Romania and so great for guaranteeing snow on the slopes and in the village. The main road to the village of Breb is cleared on a daily basis by the local snow ploughs. So it is easy to get to your villa at any time of the year, even February when there is a lot of snow.

If you come to stay in Maramures in February, you don’t have to go skiing to enjoy the weather. The village is beautiful at this time of the year and as there is a load of snow on the ground, this is means the locals cannot work the land. That means the whole village is at home and will have the time to show you around there house, there Holinca ( apple brandy) store and put another log on the fire.

February is a great time to see the locals relaxed and the women are all doing there sowing and embroidery. Some how when the snow is everywhere, it just makes it all the more Charles Dickens and medieval.

Average temperature during February in Maramures is 0 degrees during the day and can be as low as -14 degrees at night but normally around – 6 degrees at night. If your interested in visiting Romania for a skiing holiday in January, have a look at our Ski Holidays to Romania Tour or any of our other Transylvania tours that we run all year round. There is lots to see in Maramures in February and the hiking in the mountains with snow shoes is great. There is the Dumneazu: Maramures Jewish music festival in Sighetu and many other local festivals going on at this time of year.

A good web site to check for weather forecasts for Maramures and other places in Romania in February is www.weather.com The link for Maramures weather is here.

Activities in Maramures in February

One horse open sleighs taking the muck up to the fields above the village below the Gutain mountain. Depending on how deep the snow is, depends on how far they go up, but the horses can plough through 50 cms of snow.
The winter wild live is seen on walks above the village. the deer come down form the snow capped mountains in search of food, so you will often see a pair of deer darting across the forest in front of you when out walking.

The snow brings a whole different look to maramures and when the sun creeps across the horizon it’s a photographers paradise for landscape shots and people watching.

Things to do in February in Breb

The weaving club. The women often get together in one room in someone’s house for weaving, crochet, embroidery and spinning wool. It’s like being in a 3d picture book seeing a scene your grandmother told you about when she was a child. See the weaving club page in the side bar for more information and pictures on this. If your interesting in weaving and want to join in with the local women to see how they do things, February is the best month of the year to catch them doing this as they are too busy in the summer making hay.

Events in Maramures in February

Festivals are mainly in the summer, but there are still some events on in february in Maramures. Below is a list if what is on with links to more information.

21-23 February – The Snow Festival – Borşa: When winter is still at home in Borșa, people gather and drink a glass of hot wine, listen to concerts and watch the skiers’ descent on the slope while carrying lit torches. Info: Borşa House of Culture, Tel: +40 0742 066 297

Weather in Cluj Napoca in February

Weather in Cluj Napoca is normally a bit warmer that the Gutai mountains where we live. The road connections from Cluj to Breb are good and they are kept clear all through the winter so there is not problem with getting to us unless it really is throwing it down out there. There is lots to see in Cluj Napoca and a good theatre which has some great shows on in February.

Average temperature during February in Cluj Napoca in January is 1 degree during the day and a low of -5 degrees at night. You need to be prepared for – 10 and lower in February.

Weather in Bucharest in January

Weather in Bucharest in February is cold. You get the ex communist feel much more at this time of year as the streets look more like they did in the news reels we all saw of people searching for bread. We didn’t see the hot summers and short skirts and beautiful women did we? So if you go out in Bucharest in February you will see the bleakness of the snow on the streets in the old city and enjoy the mulled win all the more.

Average temperature during the day in Bucharest in February is 3 degrees in the day and a low of -5 degrees at night

Clothes recommended for February in Romania

Cloths recommended for February in Romania – think winter warmers, your ski kit. It doesn’t rain in February it just snows. A good fleece to let you have something light when the sun comes out is a good idea as it can warm up and be quite pleasant in the middle of the day. You can buy warm clothes here but they are more expensive than London so best bring what you need with you to experience the weather in Romania in February.

February and January are the two winter months here in Maramures. In february people get a little bit more active after taking it easy in January with weaving, sewing and getting the land ready with manuer if its not snowing too much.