May weather - Romania

Coming to Romania in January?


Weather in Romania in May

The weather in May in Romania can be some of the nicest weather of the year, with warm sunny days but not too hot allowing you to walk the mountains and villages of Maramures. Last May the weather was great, if your a guest in the village -there had been no rain for six weeks and the crops were suffering. It was T shirt weather every day and a light fleece in the evenings. If you come and visit us on one of our Transylvania Tours you will visit other parts of Romania as well as Maramures so I have put the details of the weather in Romania in May there as well. Below are the temperatures for Maramures, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca.

Weather in Maramures in May is normally sunny days and cool evenings, but it does rain. You don’t need to wear any sun creams in May and it rarely gets hot in May, but you will feel the sun at mid day. Every one is out in the fields hoeing and ploughing their fields. In Hotini there is a festival for the man who ploughs his field first. It’s like a Chinese Dragon procession and a great day out. Have a look at the picture set below to see the event in detail.

If you come and visits the village of Breb in May, we will take you over to the Hotini festival as we go every year. It’s a great place to meet every one and see all the different dance troops from Maramures. In 2009 it was very hot, last year it rained in the morning before the event but was still nice and warm.


Live weather and temperatures for Maramures


Weather in Maramures in May

Average temperature during May in Maramures is 18 degrees during the day but it can be as high as 25 degrees and T shirt weather is the norm and 8 degrees at night so still mild at night . If your interested in visiting Romania in May have a look at our Transylvania tours that we run all year round. May is a busy month for festivals in Maramures.

A good web site to check for weather forecasts for Maramures and other places in Romania in February is The link for Maramures weather is here.

Activities in Maramures in January

there is lots to do in breb in January. Sking at Cavnic for one is great as there are no hotels there, and so during the day, you have the ski lifts to yourself. The weaving club is in full swing after Christmas with the women getting together doing croitte, weaving, sewing and spinning the yarn on the wheel. Trekking in the mountains can be great if the weather is good, snow shoes are normally necessary as well as a watchful eye for wolfs. Have a look at the list of things that going on in Breb in January and you will see there is lots to experience without another tourist in site.

Events in Maramures in May

Festivals are mainly in the summer, but there is lots going on in May in Maramures. Below is a list if what is on with links to more information.

May – Measuring of the sheep milk: Budeşti

10 May – Measuring of the sheep milk: Botiza

11 May – Tânjaua on Mara Valley – Hoteni: The first man to work the fields this season is celebrated; the name of the festival comes from the Romanian word “tânja”, which represents the pole that connects the animals to the carriage; Info: the Mayor’s office of Ocna Şugatag, Tel: +40 26 2374 005

1718 May – Traditional Costumes Festival – Cupşeni: The festival aims to show the authenticity of traditional music and dances along with authentic wedding customs from the Land of Lăpuş, performed by folk groups. Info: the Mayor’s office of Cupşeni, Tel: +40 262 383 021

17-18 May – “Floare mândră de pe Iza” (Beautiful Flower from Iza) Festival – Şieu: Two days of authentic folklorein a famous traditional festival that is also an occasion for the villagers to gather.

Info: the Mayor’s office of Şieu, Tel: +40 262 333 010

24-25 May – ″The Daffodils’ Festival″ – Repedea: People from Repedea take great pride of their daffodil meadow that is declared a protected area. Traditional costume, parade, and folk group performances take place when it’s the time for daffodils to flourish;Info: the Mayor’s office of Repedea, Tel: +40 262 366 065

Weather in Cluj Napoca in May

Weather in Cluj Napoca in May will feel like summer if your coming from the UK. The grass is green and you will pass many family out working the fields with their horse and carriages as you drive from Cluj Airport to the village of Breb through the mountains of Transylvania.

Average temperature in May in Cluj Napoca is 18 degrees in the day but it is often a lot warmer than this arund lunch time and a low of 8 degrees at night.

Weather in Bucharest in May

Weather in Bucharest in May is like an English summers day. If your out in the cafes of the old town the tables will be full on the streets and empty inside. You might need a fleece or jacket if your planning on staying out all night and I assure, this is very easily done here.

Average temperature during May in Bucharest is 20 degrees during the day and a low of 9 degrees at night.

Clothes recommended for May in Romania

Cloths recommended for May in Romania – T shirt, summer weather clothes with a warm jumper and a waterproof as it does rain and it can still be chilly at night up in the mountains. Last year we saw some amazing thunderstorms in May. Sitting up in one of our cabanas on the mountain watching the lighting show is one of the highlights of this time of year.