November weather - Romania

Coming to Romania in January?

The weather in November in Romania

The weather in November in Romania has definitely moved from the warm summer days and is normally quite cold. It can snow in November but it is not common. In 2010 it was still 25 degrees in Bucharest in mid November. I know, I was there. I can rain in November and be cold, it all depends as the weather in Romania in November is a time of change from summer to winter. If you come and visit us on one of our Transylvania Tours or book one of our villas direct you will visit other parts of Romania as well as Maramures so I have put the details of the weather and daily temperatures in Romania in November there as well. Below are the temperatures for Maramures, Bucharest and Cluj Napoca

Live weather and temperatures for Maramures


Weather in Maramures in November

Weather in Maramures in November can still be very nice, with cool days, great for walking the mountains and crystal clear vision out over the Carpathians that stretch into the Ukrainian. Bring your water proof and a warm coat as it can also be very cold in November in Maramures. Don’t come and visits Maramures in November for the weather, come at this time as there are no other travellers around and so you will have the places to yourself. It is low season for Romania and Maramures.

Average temperature during November in Maramures is still warm and 5 degrees during the day but it was 25 degrees in November in 2010. It is normally around 0 degrees at night but still no snow, so don’t think of coming to Romania in November if you want to go skiing. If your interested in visiting Romania in November have a look at our Transylvania tours or book one of our villas direct that we run all year round.

Activities in Maramures in November

The season is changing and winter is on its way.It’s a quite time in Breb and a good time to come to meet locals at home if the weather is not so good. Yet, it can still be sunny and great for walking with crystal clear views out over the mountains and not another tourist in site 🙂


Events in Maramures in November

1-2 November – Days of the Dead: Every year on the first days of November, locals commemorate ones that passed away, lighting candles in cemeteries.

8 November – The Archangels Michael and Gabriel Day – Tradition says that the Archangels Michael and Gabriel accompany the souls of the deceased, in Heaven or in Hell. Celebration of the wooden churches of Şurdeşti, Rogoz, Plopiş (World Heritage monuments), Rozavlea, Strâmtura etc . This special holiday is a good opportunity to visit and admire their beauty, created by local carpenters centuries ago.

21 November – Presentation of the Virgin Mary – Celebration of the wooden church of Bârsana (UNESCO monument): This church is also called the “walking church” since it has been moved several times to different locations; it currently stands on the Hill of Jbâr, in a place where an old Black Plague graveyard existed.

30 November – Saint Andrew’s Day: If you get the chance to spend the night of November 30th in one of the houses from Maramureș, and you haven‘t found your soul mate yet, your hosts will initiate into the rituals and practices of accomplishing it. This will require sacrifice, as you will have to make with your own hands a salty cake and fast all day. Only after doing this, will your soul mate will appear in your dreams at night.

Festivals in Maramures in November
Joc la şură (Dance at the Barn) Groşi: Celebration of traditional dance; the last dance before the Christmas fasting period.
Cânt şi joc pe plai străbun (Song and Dance in Ancient Land) Dumbrăviţa: Celebration of traditional dance and music; the last dance before the Christmas fasting period.

A good web site to check for weather forecasts for Maramures and other places in Romania in February is The link for Maramures weather is here.

Weather in Cluj Napoca in November

Weather in Cluj Napoca in November is not a lot to right home about. It rains a lot less than it does in the UK in November but weather in Romanian in November in general is flat and cold. Saying that is was warm and sunny for most of November in 2010 when this was written, so global warming seems be befitting this part of the world. Still bring your coats and water proof.

Average temperature in November in Cluj Napoca is 5 degrees in the day but it is often a lot warmer than this around lunch time, the time you come out of the airport and a low of 0 degrees at night.

Weather in Bucharest in November

Weather in Bucharest in November all depends on the weather in Romania in November… I know that sounds a bit dump, but in 2010 it was 25 degrees. The year before there was half a meter of snow. So it all depends. If your looking to come to visit and stay in our villas in Breb in November and you booking a short time before, it is worth contacting us to see what the weather is like.

Average temperature during November in Bucharest is 6 degrees during the day and a low of -1 degrees at night but my experience of Bucharest was much warmer than this in November having lived her all November in 2010. But I think I might have been lucky, as people say it is normally cold and grey in November. So come for the nightlife, the traditions and hospitality in November and not the weather.

Clothes recommended for November in Romania

Cloths recommended for November in Romania – T shirt cloths are still needed if your lucky but check with us before you fly as there could be half a meter of snow on the ground. Water proof and a very warm coat is the norm for this time of the year.